Day Forty-Seven: Rope on the Wrist

Today I was in an army supply store where I always been drawn to self-protection/survival gear. Pink, royal blue and emerald green pepper sprays, a multitude of multi-use penknives from five dollars to five-hundred dollars. Cool hunting knives. Loud whistles and behold what I never had seen I discovered today – the survivalist bracelet. A stitch of polyester or something line from a spectrum of the complementary olive green to rust, pink, reds and black to the ones you see below — emerald green and multi-colored camouflage hues fastened with a simple plastic clip.

I fell in love, especially with the inexpensive price for such a fantastic accessory, $8.95, $24.95 for three. Then I caught myself and said no. Then I looked again, this knotted bright colored wonder is actually a very strong line designed to have with you in case of an emergency. If you need to tow a car, tie a tourniquet, build a shelter, it went on and on. OMG! I told my husband I can buy these because these are for my survival, I need these! (We actually do spend lots of time in the desert where these would come in very handy.) Its the same as having food on the hoof, just rope on the wrist. So I stayed in control. I bought the two beautiful bracelets you see below and then a key toggle with the same kind of line for my husband. He wont wear a bracelet–not even for survival.
The bracelets help me survive in style but make  it look easy.

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