Day Forty-Six: When Frugality is the Heart


As I lingered at the checkout counter at the CVS today looking over the reduced Valentines Day hearts covered in cute and stupid pictures and filled with cheap chocolates I struck up a conversation with the nice older lady checking me out. She grumbled how the candy hearts were in her way on the counter. We got around to talking about what she was doing with her husband tonight for Valentines day. She said they both worked so they would be stupid to go out, not to mention the crowds that would certainly be out, she said.

Then she told me that she would be giving him the same Valentine’s Day card she gave him every year. Are you serious? I said. Do you write a new message in it every year? Nope, she said. Ive been giving him the same card every year for twenty-one years. I do it for Christmas too. He expects it now, she said. I said that is really sentimental. Its so sweet. She said, well it certainly helps the environment.
That is the perfect combination of being resourceful with feeling and ingenuity. Just by being themselves people create what is extraordinary, even miraculous everyday. That woman had style, first by being practical and then letting time and the years take care of the meaning. That is when style comes from life.

2 responses

  1. I know I almost asked but she seemed like a private person. I really had to restrain myself actually from saying more but she was so generous to tell her story in the first place. She really seemed like the most unlikely source which is usually where the best stories come from.

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