Day Forty: Coming Into the Closet and Hanging Out There

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal today in the Mansions section about closets of $100,000.00 and up. It was about how the closet has become something more than just that but akin to a dressing room outfitted in rare woods and fine leather. Closet rods that are lit from within and lit up shoes platforms and of course they kept referring to the “Sex In the City” movie where Big buys Carrie the closet of her dreams. Some of the closets shown could push a million, complete with workout rooms, small kitchens, televisions and computers.
While it made me think back to the 19th century and before when a lady had her boudoir where shereceived  those intimate to her I seriously turned this over in my mind. How boring of me to judge any of these people for enjoying their luxuries if thats what they want. I hate to be one of those people who now goes in the opposite direction and thinks nobody should buy anything a la Vivienne Westwood (see three posts ago.) But I have to say — and please click on the link to see images for yourself that it now seems strange to me to own that many shoes, that many…things I guess. You have to work for that and I guess I am beginning to wonder what it is for. If you suddenly told me I could go buy any ten handbags I wanted I dont think I would refuse but as a thing to go after…I dont know. I dont quite know what to think but I havent been able to stop thinking about it all day in the context of my forty days of restraint and what it means to me. I used to want that many shoes and now I just dont. I dont even want to spend my precious time shopping for them. At least not as much anyways. Ill always love shoes and having nice ones or any ones I like but to have as many as there were in these photos thats a concerted weekly habit for sure. I dont know…anyone have any thoughts to add?


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  1. All I want right now is comfy lounging wear to wear at home. I’m wearing the same sweats and sweatshirts since I was in 20’s, many stained because I have worn them cleaning. And I canj’t seem to find the time to shop! I would try on-line, but then they don’t fit. I’m not all that fond of the low-cut stuff right now; not comfy to me.

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