Day Thirty-Nine: Function and Form Just Are

SInce I am not shopping I dont have to worry about looking for any practical clothes, shoes, bags or anything. My fashion/style mind is relegated to pure fantasy. As always, I can depend on Monsieur Louboutin to indulge me with serious beauty, quality and possibly the best humor in the fashion world.

But when form and function do meet on a level playing ground and the form has been pushed to its utmost — in other words — when I can imagine wearing the shoe even in its FABULOUS form I am more excited. Louboutin once again makes a shoe I would proudly exchange my fingernails for. (Im not sure that is what he wants though)
Then sometimes there is a shoe whose very function becomes the beauty. Lagerfeld @ Chanel always manages to seamlessly integrate the form with something exceptional. Black leather hightops covered densely in black Chanel flowers. These are shoes that look best when used up like a regular sneaker, the flowers fray and tear, the pure black leather is scratched and the bright white rubber scuffs and grays. The best part is the wearer gets to finish creating this shoe simply by wearing it and imprinting it with her own life and experience that she brings to it.

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