Day Thirty-Six: Westwood Knows

Lastnight I saw the tail end of an amazing documentary on the ever amazing CineMoi channel about Vivienne Westwood and her  recent collection. Aside from recounting how her Dreamsicle orange hair accented an incredible pumpkin colored silk wrap she wore when she took her bow at the end of her show, there was also another thing that I could not stop thinking about. At the end the interviewer asked her what she thought about fashion today. Her one comment was that a person should not buy any clothes, or as few as possible and if they do it should be incredible and something beloved (and something Westwood.) Her point being, I believe, is that it is better to stay away from the glut of clothes and clothes production in the world. There is more power in the discipline of refrain, of observing, of allowing oneself to comfortably dream than to try and run around catching up with should have this, could get that. The real power anymore, the real innovation in culture today is to just not react.



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