Day Thirty-Five: Its No Mistake

Today I rolled across town to attend the MOCA LA Book Fair at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary. Maybe I am a novice in arts affairs of Los Angeles but truly I have never seen a contemporary art event in Los Angeles for the general public as well attended as this one. At first, I didnt even care about the books but was merely refreshed by seeing so many enthusiastic people milling around the event. There were many art book publishers, so many that it was difficult to see what was there. It wasnt until I came upon an installation by the artist/filmmaker Larry Clark, what was it? Well of course it was a wall of t-shirts. I have always liked Larry Clark’s honesty and raw truth that comes through in everything he creates. The tshirts are a collection he had been compiling since the eighties and you can also see the skateboard decks that he collected and some of them that he designed.

I was a little suspect of my intentions that out of thousands of works this is the one, the one with the clothes that I really liked. So I could get to the bottom of my object of desire I read Clark’s words about the piece. Clark had begun collecting and designing t-shirts and skateboard decks when he became interested in skateboarders in the eighties in NYC. It was an obsession that became his unforgettable movie he made in the nineties called “Kids.”  Anyway, the text about the piece was written by Larry Clark. It is simple and powerful, just like the artist. I would like to think that I am not just such a sucker for cool clothes that that is all I can relate to anymore, I would like to think that it is the characteristic honesty in this work that made me attracted to it in the first place.

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