Day Thirty-Three: Beauty Budget

And that was the day. Number, budgets, meticulous, put it together, tear it up, go back in and re-work that number, put it elsewhere.

I dont sew but I imagine that is what tailoring clothes is like, a meticulous working and re-working, tearing up and starting over until the vision is realized.
Budgets are budgets, numbers are numbers, everyday is everyday but it is what we do to numbers and budgets. Re-creating them, re-adjusting them, putting them where they belong and dont belong until our vision is realized, doing it everyday, or most days until there is a real context and then they have a meaning more than their face value. They become comfort when you have a bad day, they remind you that you are safe and that you can handle anything in the future. They develop a trajectory and describe the life that you have lived and are living. A budget and its effect on a bank account shows who you are one way or the other, a story that describes a triumph or a tragedy or maybe, just life.

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