Day Thirty-Two: Cold Fire

Home again, Home again…diggity dig.

Thats how it felt today, the cold water of reality hit and home, the bills, the unfinished, the not started, it all descended like a very heavy boulder this morning. A positive thing did however arrive in my emails, a post from a money group run by money expert Amanda Steinberg, here is her very astute quote:
“I remember in my youth I was always told to “follow your passion and the money will follow.” We propose an alternative: “Pay attention to money so that you can live your passion.”
Here is the link to her Facebook Clarity and Money group or go to her website called Daily Worth:
Since I have not been using my money for anything other than my needs for thirty-two days now, I have been thinking about money and how it will look when I don’t misuse it. How it is, like clothes, a veritable and clear reflection of my actions, my desires, my character and an expression of how I like to live my life and interact with the world.
I have noticed that addiction is a like a fire that with one hand you throw fuel onto while with the other hand you are simultaneously trying to put it out or cover it up both from yourself and from others. Wouldn’t it be nice for my money to not be the fire anymore? Instead it could be a large, cool lake that I create and know that it is always there to bring me peace, beauty and calm.

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