Day Thirty: Lighten My Loafers

…that every increased possession
loads us with a new weariness.


John Ruskin said that, and he was right. Life is not
about our physical or material possessions, it is about
the Agenda of our Soul. When material possessions
serve that agenda, they can be wonderful and are to
be celebrated. But if they come between us
and the soul, then we may very well be delayed 
on our holy journey.
This quote was sent to me by a friend who follows the Style/Life site. While the coach who sent this is a little holy for me I love how true it is. That was something that kept getting more clear everytime I went to clean the closet and go to consignment last year–every possession I get, every item of clothing I get, I have to be responsible for, clean, find a place for and take care of. Is that really how I need to spend my time in life? 

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