Day Twenty-Seven: Sallie’s Sleeve


I sat down with my friend Sallie yesterday at the cafe and at eye level across the tiny wooden table there was an orchestra, a concerto, a quartet of organza sleeve. The fabric was a color of ‘not quite’, not quite green, not quite mustard yellow, not quite olive green. Its one of those colors that if you look hard enough you can see the brighter colors of the rainbow in it.This sleeve belongs to a dress by Burberry that reminds me how beneficial a delicate, conservative fabric like organza can be when naughty things are done to it, as with this dress and its irresistable sleeves. I also have to mention that the dress looked amazing on Sallie. Clothes like this are what made me want to sell the farm, my first born to Rumplestiltskin, let all my plans go out the window. But after almost one month of abstinence from clothes shopping, I now prefer to look. There is less obligation so I can love what I love more.


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