Day Twenty-Six: Design on the Hoof

“Style is a response to the terror of invisibility and isolation — a wish for inclusion.” – Lisa Cohen, Three Lives 

Post from Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advance Style, please click here to read the rest of the post:
I read this quote from a recent blog post on Ari Seth Cohen’s site Advanced Style and it blew me away. Anyone who has experienced addiction or compulsive behaviors sometimes, if they are lucky, approaches the moment when they collect the courage to face themselves. When they open their eyes and expect anything, something, many times they see nothing. They glimpse a broken outline of themselves, a jumble of blank spots, a collage of pain, memories and indifference that they would prefer to ignore or forget.
As a person whose job it is in life, whose salvation it is in life to turn shit into gold, I know that my own mother’s obsession with fashion was a way for her to control me as a child. But as I grew older it was an innate defense to keep myself from being invisible to myself, to her and to the world around me. It was also a way for me to feel her, to be close to her when I wasn’t able to. Her misgiving became my greatest fortune and joy.
Now when I turn to see myself, fashion and style is part of the light that allows me to explore myself, feel joy, create, re-invent and love myself. The best part is that it is easy to access and easy to find anywhere. It’s design on the hoof.
It saved me so many times and it has done the same for so many others.

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