Day Twenty-Five: Dig Your Style


Wandering around the crowded UES opening last night Merci/Mercy I was stopped dead in my tracks by a royally long stole of silver fox contrasting with a beautiful light fabric of black and white shapes flowing over a body. I walked round the man whose shoulder it draped off of and told him he was wearing some of the best art at the opening. The very handsome and kind man, Malcolm Harris of the Huffington Post, generously told me the story of his jumpsuit and what turned out to be an impeccably faux stole. He was so patient as I snapped these pictures with my phone.

Malcolm created the outfit together for the Mayan End of the World and wore it to the Mayan Ruins for 12/12/12. He showed me a picture of him at the ruins standing in the middle of a plateau with his outfit shorn down to his silver sequin hot pants glittering in the hot sun, his arms in a wide V over his head. Since we all have obviously survived the ominous Mayan prediction, he vowed to indefinitely wear his black and white jumpsuit which can be tied up and worn multiple ways. I suspect the hot pants are included under all of that as well.
Malcolm is the epitome of the Style/Life person who rejoices in his own design, his creativity and resource — it all screams style to me. Malcolm’s is an elegant combination of rigor, imagination, discipline, courage, independence completed by fantasy and curiosity!

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