Day Twenty-Three: Whats the Use?


Its 25 degrees here in New York City and since I have lived on the west coast for many years I have not kept up my collection of deep freeze clothing. Heavy wool stockings, cashmere knee socks, Michelin Man down coats and my favorite: a red Union Suit with a buttonable flap in the butt. I am missing those items right now. Nevertheless in my own deep freeze I stood in the shop window of Christian Louboutin, gripping my shivering hand to take a clear photograph of the shoes pictured above at the Louboutin store on Madison Ave. I was slightly humiliated standing there appearing to be someone who cared about the trendy overpriced shoes for the season.  While I would never embarrass myself to stand in the line of tourists who wait to join the overfilled store in the summertime, I will try to catch glimpses of the shoe displays for the season out of the corner of my eye as I pretend to glare at the crazy tourists. CL’s windows are in my top three windows to see on Madison Ave.  The shoes pictured above are unwearable, at least for me, and after watching all the starlets on the Golden Globes last week, they also prove my point. Aside from the fact that you can actually put them on the human foot, they really dont do more than look like the incredibly beautiful, well-made objects that they are. When I was shopping, I was always relieved that I did not have to buy the latest pair of CL platforms even though I thought they were beautiful. I already had a few of a negotiably high pair of CL’s at home but they were being displayed on a shelf as a unique objet d’art while I was wearing my Manolos for actual use or my Chucks, of course.

CL shoes are still  more well made than most of the overpriced shoes being produced in China (via “Italy.”) Louboutin has been able to maintain the same integrity in the production of his shoes that made me buy my first pair in his first store in Paris over ten years ago. They were brown, plain low heeled booties. I still have them, still adore them and they are the sexiest low heeled boot I have ever seen. Now if I buy a pair, I get the basics in CL because the workmanship is still impeccable and the design is from a subtle Frenchman with taste and humor.
I  maintain that the CL store, located a block from the Whitney Museum, is the best museum in the neighborhood (and that is only funny because I am a professional art critic.)

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