Day Twenty-Two: Abstinence Makes the Gift Stronger

I have LOVED not shopping in NYC this visit. I feel so much freer and more in control of so many things as well as my ability to just enjoy and have joy, give it and also receive it which leads me to the picture of the beautiful bracelet displayed here.. Expecting nothing I arrived to have a drink with one of my closest friends. Waiting for me was a bracelet made of horn she brought back from her trip to Africa. Its gorgeous, so much better than anything I would have bought. To me this is when style and fashion are at their best, when they have a story behind them whether its a person, something special you bought on a trip, a gift bought just for you. When there is none of the static and distraction of the shopping busy-ness, these kinds of gestures are able to be appreciated to their fullest meaning. My life and the things in it are so much more alive.

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