Day Twenty: My Gosh Its Been Twenty Days

My gosh, its been twenty days…I cant believe its been twenty days. Twenty days that truly are quickly becoming so much not about shopping but about a healthier me, a greater version of myself. In all honesty, right now I am headed to NYC for some amazing job obligations and in my spare time, which I will have, I want to find the fashion in New York. I dont want that to necessarily be in a store like it is usually, I want it to be what I see on the streets. Maybe I can be my own Bill Cunningham and photograph the people I see that are interesting and doing something new and chic. But I want to drink it all in and experience it 100% and exercise the work of finding it outside of a shopping experience. The shopping experience in a way is really the worst way to understand what is happening now in fashion. You only go for what you like and what you can wear. You essentially see nothing except you, the article of clothing and at least for me, the financial disorganization that ensues. I am definitely participating in fashion when I buy it but I am not learning about the bigger picture of it which is what I am truly interested in at this time. Dont get me wrong- I have not quit shopping forever, I love to shop for clothes and I dream of a day when I might fortuitously experience having real couture. But by that time the art might be gone. Needless to say I love clothes in their many incarnations and I am finding them at a deeper levels that are to me much more interesting than buying them.  Life feels so vibrant right now. So creative and alive. Everything around me is lighting up. All I have to do at this point is watch and acknowledge…


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