Day Nineteen: Thanks to Grace

I just finished the autobiography by Vogues top Fashion Editor Grace Coddington. I am a little outraged with myself at almost believing the terrible review on Amazon that Coddington was not a great writer. Like thats been her job in life! And thats why I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought it. I actually bought the book because I figured it would be a beautiful, although heavy book, but thats because the paper is thick and very sensous. The cover is bright orange to match her amazing hair. 

There are so many amazing things about this book. No, great writer she isnt but she was smart enough to find a great editor. She herself knows, if nothing else, when something is good and when it is just mediocre so I am sure there were many exacting drafts. It was totally entertaining and if you love fashion and creativity and the life it generates then this is the book for you. I was transfixed and even found myself smiling if not laughing outloud. She is very charming.
All of this is great but what struck me the very most was none of these things. The most important part of the book was to see the world she came from in the sixties and seventies and even the eighties. Without being nostalgic I have to say that I was reminded of an art, a creative world, a cultural aesthetic world and the people who created it and how wholly devoted they were to it. Money was scarce, people were having a blast and what was considered the best was what people got. The best was driven by aesthetic value, not celebrity, social status or money, it was the work of someone who really cared about  creative integrity. I roll my eyes as I speak this phrase but there was a time where it did matter and it wasnt ironic and it was respected as the best work. Everyone working in any cultural field today especially under the age of 38 should read this book. Not a story of a better time, just a story of how art looks when it isnt being run by lots of money. When the art is at the top of the list of priority in how it gets made.
This book makes me so happy, theres no way Id waste my time going out and shopping for stuff I dont need. It made me want to work and to get deeper into who I am! 

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