Day Fourteen: New Ways to Get New

I noticed today that all month as I have been thinking about “newness” as some thing to be acquired, not shopping has helped me to see this in a new way. I know I have mentioned this last week of how a weight feels like it has been lifted since I have stopped shopping. Not acquiring, holding off on that process of intense busy-ness of shopping for clothes, has made me start to see that newness can also happen after hard work and commitment..

Dropping major loads – whether they are weighty old family issues, old clothes I dont need or wear anymore, losing five pounds and keeping it off, wearing comfortable shoes, finally saying no to people who I have felt obligated to say yes to out of old and outdated obligations, in short stripping things down to their simplest shapes is powerful. I see how it is so much more powerful than acquiring because it is newness that has been earned. It is newness that  I have sought out to embrace qualities inside myself instead of stuff outside of myself. Its the newness that is a new version of myself, still standing on what I have accomplished in my life while discovering and flexing into new parts of myself. Its just great.
Tonight I sweated it out through the four hours of Golden Globe Red Carpet and the ceremonies. I love to see the dresses and I love to see people succeed after alot of hard work. Incidentally all those people who were nominated and won acquired some newness after tonight, the real kind. But they gave Jodi Foster the Cecil B. De Mille award and they quoted her on something she once said that I found very inspiring:
“Don’t strive to be normal, do everything you can to get away from it.”

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