Day Twelve: Ari Seth Cohen and his ‘Advanced Style’

One of my favorite things about style and fashion these days is Ari Seth Cohen. I adore his book “Advanced Style” and his website Advance Style is amazing too. For me, the more I blissfully sink into the heaven of fashion and clothes the more I love his book and blog. Inspired by his grandmother who let him raid her exceptional closet when he was a child, his work is an ode to senior women whose secret to aging well is to continue to style well.There are women from their sixties to their nineties. All of them beautifully dressed, beautifully manicured, not because they only wear Chanel, but because they wear their clothes with care and joy. These qualities highlight who these women are and what they look like. They use their own style to emphasize and highlight their age, not smother it in clothes that are frumpy, too tight, too young or plastic surgery. Their clothes become a working muse to make their faces and bodies light up. I hope that as I age I follow the same path of delights and thrills. The contentment of these women and their happiness comes across in the photos Cohen takes. I want to be so self-assured and confident when I am a senior citizen that you can only see happiness and joy leaking out from my wrinkles.

The reason I want to bring this blog to into the dialogue of Style/Life is because all these women have one thing in common more important than clothes and fashion, they all like themselves alot and know how to give themselves permission to be who they need to be to make themselves happy. That can take a life time to do well but its important to start the journey right now. It is women like this who make me want to stop shopping so I can find out more of who I am. I want to be just like them when I grow up. Wonderfully ‘like them’ means being nothing like them, but the most emphatic, realized version of myself.

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