Day Eleven: What I Get for Not Shopping

Today I had to get “dressed” up. I usually work from home, but today I had to show a guest around Los Angeles.

I wore a large turquoise necklace which I had all but forgotten about with a two tone blue button down oxford. I wore my mens vintage cut Levi khakis cut from the same pattern that miners used to wear in the 1930’s. I wore my Commes des Garcons spindle heel booties with the leather laces,  Antipasti socks in an impossible color of beige with a lavender rose on the toe. The booties slipped perfectly up under the hem of the khakis, once rolled up and slightly pegged at the ankle. To keep warm I wore my hot orange-pink wool button Commes des Garcons school girl sweater, lined behind the pink buttons with pink moire ribbon. Over that I layered the most incredible dark green Levi’s  leather jacket handmade in Italy. I tied it all together  with my wedding band, my brownie pink deerskin Jil Sander East/West bag with a shoulder strap and my Alain Mikli brown framed glasses for reading and my clear framed and green lense horn rimmed shape sunglasses.
I loved this outfit and I put it together with utter, unfettered joy uninterrupted by any further wishes or wants for things I think I need, must have or want. It felt like I was wearing everything, not the other way around.

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