Day Ten: What is New?

You may notice that my posts include alot about what is new. Newness and what it really means to acquire things, to have “newness” and to know what it means to possess the quality. I realize it is less the clothes or the object that I strive for, rather I seek the quality of newness. The following is a list of things that are new, some fit the definition appropo for Style/Life and some fit another quality of new and I think its important and helpful to present as many forms as possible in order to get a three dimensional idea of newness for myself. It reminds me that if I do want new things that they are around me all the time, they just dont all taste like a Twinkie.


1. shoes I just bought, worn or unworn (this is an example of the aforementioned Twinkie)

2. a newborn baby or animal

3.  the next yoga posture in a class

4. today’s journal entry

5. a new friend

6. a conversation I have never had

7. a Wednesday I have never lived through

8. a romantic moment I have never experienced

9. a book I loved that I never had read but always meant to

10. Going back to the place I grew up and seeing it through my husbands eyes, it felt like I had not seen it since I was a child.

11. an old movie I have always wanted to watch but never had

12. saying goodbye to someone for the last time

13. deciding to live differently than I ever have

14. another page written in my book

15. Discovering Bob Dylan all over again as an adult

16. Looking at Renaissance art with an educated eye. I felt more like a child looking than someone with an education.

17. Looking at fashion as an appreciator and not a consumer. My mind is more open to the beauty of it because I dont consider owning it myself.

18. Another day of no shopping, that is an everyday gift of newness.

19. Every time I go to Paris or New York, I feel like its a new playground waiting to be discovered.

20. Seeing my dog Spike after I have been away all day, its like we are meeting for the first time and we really like each other.


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