Day Seven: Seventh Day!!!

I did it! I have officially made it seven days without shopping for clothes. It feels great. Its funny, I am having a day, I think a day of rest where I cant think of any particular thing to write about. I am really happy I made it this far. There are some emotional things that have been coming  up, I am sitting with those emotions. Listening to them instead of burying them in acquiring new clothes. Right now the thought of going shopping makes me nauseous. The whole process evidently involved my mind and my body, the thought of doing it makes me feel really tired. It must have been a huge psychic drain on me, the measure of which I will find out in the near future Im sure. I am not sure if its the holiday hangover or the abstinence but I feel like I am unwinding from a gigantic spool. All I want to do is visit my local dine in movie theater and watch movies and be fed. I am so tired. So tired.

I am discovering the joy of quietude where the predominant noise around me is my tinnitis. Its noon and I am still in my flannel pajamas. Doing the laundry and typing away, reading, getting ready for my big outing of going to Beverly Hills this afternoon for a facial. I am going to revel in all of this, just take care of me. I have earned it this week.

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