I did it. I had some pants to exchange, leftovers from last year. And I did it, and I stood in J Crew and did not browse. I did need another ipad cover and they had one there on sale and I bought it. I am trying to be glad. But I didnt buy any new clothes. I need to keep telling myself that. I made it through. Just walking into the store and transacting does not mean I bought something. What i did buy I really needed. But for some reason I have feelings of guilt. Those feelings why not just go buy more, you are already here, you opened the door, you blew it. 

I havent blown it and I am not going to. I am on glorious Day Six and tomorrow it will be the first week in a long time that I have not bought an item of clothes, accessories, handbags, etc. 
What helped me get my mind ready to be in the store was not to clamp up but to let it all in. Be very aware of who I am in the situtation and what the situation is offering me and how it is affecting me. RECEIVE. It feels counterintuitive because all I want to do is clamp down, shut my eyes and power through but that is when I get into trouble. Thats what I believe I do when I do shop. When I open up, relax and pay attention, I see how I can control more. My feelings are easier to approach, they are easier to use and experience. 
I did succeed and its all fine. 

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