Day Four: Release the Evil Spirit!

Wasnt it an ancient South American civilization who believed a bad headache was an evil spirit stuck in the skull? If the headache persisted such as in a migraine, they drilled a hole in the skull of the patient to let the so called evil demon out.

I think that drilling my skull right now would hurt less than my second day of a migraine. These come up when there is stress or I am changing something — like not taking my stress clothes shopping. I am no longer feeding the beast and so he is knocking at my skull to get out.
I cant write much today, its hell on my eyes. But last week at a critical moment I opened a fortune cookie and it said:
            “The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.”
Today when I dwell on that the pain alleviates a little. I imagine my closet empty, I imagine my mind empty with less of the clutter of the machinations of shopping and not stressing about money.
It helps.

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