Mission Statement: Post One

Style/Life began as a blog I created in the spring of 2012. Clothes, rather, the overconsumption of beautiful clothes, are what inspired it. My overwhelming obsession had become an overwhelming credit card bill. Since I have always been a person who finds out as much about her enemy as possible, my intention was to find out as much about fashion as I could in an effort to ground my wild desire for clothes and eventually stop buying them as much. My efforts were not for nothing and the wheel slowed a little but not enough. Shopping for clothes still felt out of control and destructive by the fall while the blog went forgotten.

The impetus for this blog which was going to be entitled “No Shopping for a Year” was realized a couple of months ago when I realized that I could not stop shopping even for one week. I decided that a blog would be an ideal tool to help discipline and temper my cravings. It would be another way to realize why I would not let myself be a responsible person, the girl of my fantasy whose style is on her person but is also in her bank account. I envision being a woman who is confident she can handle anything that comes her way, readily equipped to parry any problem with her style wand.

That is where my imaginary friend Diana Vreeland steps in. Whatever I read about her, I am always truck that for her fashion and style was about the person inside the clothes. It was the quality of their fantasy, what glimmer came out of their eye and how they let their fantasy jettison them through the harsh reality of daily life. Some called that Diana Vreeland’s interpretation of fashion, I call that a perfect premise to creating anything. Diana Vreeland will remain the guiding moniker gracing the top of this blog page because it is she who helped me get here and want to be more — not only in regards to fashion but more importantly  in regards to myself. True style is being able to take care of yourself and to trust yourself. She epitomized those truths pushing her mind first while the rest of her amazing world followed. She checked her resources so fantasy could infuse the real world. It what I seek when I turn to clothes and fashion and I think that is what everyone wants in general whether its from a movie, a book, art or alcohol. More than ever people crave the relief of fantasy but dont know how to tap into it as a way of life. It makes me realize that Style/Life is a about building my resources in other to let my imagination loose and I have a feeling that is in part what others are seeking too by discontinuing their favorite “drug of choice.”

When I mentioned not shopping for a year to other people in my life, from my friend who sells me shoes at Fred Segal, to old friends, to my thirteen year old niece it surprised me but  they all wanted to join me. That is when I realized that it had to be more that just about not shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories. The blog page had to be a place where we could all check in, support and share. I want the blog to be a daily testament of who I will become when I dont give in to the impulse to shop. I want to see who I can be when I turn to who I am and let the best parts of me run the show.

I dont want this to be a dumping ground for all the messy,painful details of my past. I have experienced these things enough for ten lifetimes and one hundred brave men. I want Style/Life to be a testament to my future, to building the foundation for a better life and creating something more exciting than anything I could ever imagine on a whimsical shopping spree.

Style/Life is a blog where any man or woman of all styles and ages can check in and discuss their experience of refraining from shopping, whatever and however that means. You choose the parameters you think you need for whatever great vista you are trying to arrive at within yourself. Post anything that move you up or down, links to great runway shows or images of designers or design.

I imagine this blog as a great collage of inspiration where people are forging better places in their minds and by doing so transform the world around them.


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